About DGO

For anyone who wants to transport something, DGO Express B.V. is the right address! DGO Express is a well-known and reliable transportation company in the north of the Netherlands. The logistical center is favourably situated on the A28 in Hoogeveen and therefore the gateway to the Northern Netherlands for many carriers.

DGO Express finds solutions for both businesses and individuals. Solutions for the distribution of goods but also for repackaging or removals.


DGO Express was founded eighty years ago as a parcel delivery service. We started with only two vans that drove up and down collecting and delivering parcels. In those days, efficiency was not so important. The company, whose name is derived from the working territory Drenthe, Groningen and Overijssel, grew steadily. In 1995 DGO Express was taken over by Sent Waninge Holding, but it remained a real family business. Presently the third generation is working in the transportation company, employing 130 people and around eighty vehicles driving up and down in DGO colours.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship

Sustainability is important to us, even though we are aware that we have a considerable share in the CO2 emissions in this country. We try to cut emissions by making use of modern and low emission vehicles. On top of that all our drivers followed a training that addressed the reduction of fuel consumption through efficient driving.

Corporate Social Responsibility is part and parcel of the way DGO Express runs the company. We give people with poor chances on the labour market opportunities for work and we also show our social responsibility by sponsoring various sports and cultural activities.


Herman Weringa Algemeen Directeur
Wim vd Veen Verhuizingen / Opslag
Gjalt Waninge Manager Operations
Alina Slomp Administratie
Helma Botter Administratie
Eduard Schonewille Logistiek Manager
Rhona Kho Klantenservice
Dennis Jonkman Klantenservice
Rachel Doornbos Klantenservice
Karel Petter Wagenparkbeheer
Peter Marissen Planning
Sander Wubbels Teamleider Planning
Luuc Bolks Planning
Lars Lip Planning