You need to store goods, but you do not want the headaches of running your own warehouse? We are quite willing to help you. DGO is a specialist in all warehouse activities. 

Due to the size of our distribution company we can take the complete logistical process off your hands. We have a cross-dock of 4,000 and a warehouse building of 5,000 square meters at our disposal. The handling and storage, order picking and value-added services are carefully executed by a good mix of skilled personnel and modern techniques. You simply place an order with DGO and we ensure proper handling of your freight. 


In the logistics center of Hoogeveen DGO Express has more than 5,000 square meters of indoor heated storage facility. The temperature is kept at a constant level, so that the goods remain in good condition. The whole storage area is of course well protected, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your goods. Besides indoor storage we also provide enclosed outdoor storage.

Order picking

Upon entry, your goods are labelled with a barcode or a location. Based on specific calculations, we decide on the optimal route of picking goods, after which we can send them to your customers as quickly as possible. Barcode scanning minimizes the chance of mistakes.

Value Added Logistics

DGO Warehouse can do more and does more for you. Besides our handling and storing activities we offer value added services, such as repacking of pallets or assembling goods.